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Church Hill
C of E Junior School


 If your child is absent from school it is really important you notify the school office by 10.30am and also inform us of the reason for the absence.  If this does not happen you will receive a call from the school asking why your child is absent from school.  This is part of our safeguarding procedures.

It is also School Policy that no absence will be granted for Holiday's during term time.

As a school we review pupil attendance on a regular basis and if your child's attendance is 90% or below this is classed as 'Persistent Absence'.  We also employ an Educational Welfare Officer who may get involved if your child's attendance is low.  Low attendance may also result in a fine.

Obviously we do understand that children get unwell and sometimes absence is unavoidable.  However, we do ask you work with us and ensure your child is at school when fit and healthy.