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Church Hill
C of E Junior School

School Council

The School Council

How it works:

Our school council consists of two representatives from each class and we meet every two weeks. These representatives are elected democratically by their class. Their job is to listen to ideas and suggestions from their class and then to ensure these ideas are heard at the meeting. They also feedback important information from the meeting to their class.


The vision of the council:

  • To ensure the pupil voice is heard.
  • To promote the British value of democracy.
  • To encourage children to become active and responsible citizens.
  • To encourage positive relationships.


Recent Projects:

On 23rd June 2016, the school council organised a mock referendum about leaving or remaining in the E.U. Two teams of school councillors researched the pros and cons of remaining or leaving the European Union and presented these in assembly. Each child then voted and the results were counted. 110 votes were to remain while there were 176 votes to leave. The school was very interested to hear the results of the national referendum that evening.


We hope you will enjoy having us as school council and remember, if you want us to consider an idea from you, you can always put your idea on a piece of paper and put it in the ‘Suggestion Box’ in the school foyer or mention it to your class reps who will bring it up in a meeting.