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Church Hill C of E Junior School
"Let Your Light Shine" (Matthew 5:16)

Parent View Survey 2024

Thank you so much for completing our parent questionnaire. We have received the strongest set of results to date and we are delighted to share them. 

100% of parents/ carers were happy with the values and attitudes the school promotes and said they would recommend this school to another parent.

100% of parents/ carers agreed that their child was safe and does well at this school.

98% of parents/ carers agreed that their child was happy at this school and that they, as parents/ carers, felt welcomed by the school.

100% of parents/ carers agreed that the school encourages their child to be punctual and to have good attendance.

98% of parents/ carers felt the school makes sure its pupils are well-behaved.

We were overwhelmed with the level of positivity and thought we would share some of the lovely comments parents detailed around how the school has enabled their child to shine.

“Celebration assembly recognises good work and out of school achievements.”

“The school promotes a helpful nature.”

“Being able to reflect helps my child in this way.”

“By exploring their views through the values homework and expressing herself through this.”

“To be honest and show respect to other people.”

“When taking part in steel-pans lessons and Church Hill’s Got Talent.”

“Through performances, competitions and choir.”

“School has encouraged my child to speak up.”

“The ability to pray at school and be herself is fantastic.”

“Xxx helps others and is always kind- she follows this value.”

“The school encouraged xxx to get confident by attending the residential.”

“Xxx has grown into a confident little girl who definitely is ready to step up to any challenge.”

“Different opportunities with musical instruments.”


When asked to give an example of when the Christian character and values of the school have had an impact on your family, parents/ carers replied:

“Having faith helped my child overcome a family break up.”

“The school support us in times of need.”

“Xxx talks about Jesus and the bible and asks me what certain parts mean.”

“Giving our children the opportunity to bring home the prayer book has allowed me to share my thoughts with my child.”

“The value Koinonia- the community charity collection received strong support from the neighbourhood community.”

“We have made lots of friends through school and church activities.”

“Appreciation of other religions and cultures.”

“Xxx suggests prayers and dinner and so on. Very thankful for the things she has.”

“To be caring and considerate of others.”

“When she is being loving and sympathetic.”

“Forgiveness and truthfulness- we talk openly and honestly at home.”

“Xxx said she wants to go to the church”

“Honesty, respectfulness, helpfulness and care.”

“Xxx is well-mannered.”

As always, we strive to improve and be better for our pupils, parents and the community and therefore will work on any areas parents/ carers feel need consideration. We look forward to sharing these developments with you over the year.

Mrs Sudera