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Church Hill
C of E Junior School


The Creative Challenge

March 2020

The creative challenge is a competition that allows our children to think originally and present a creative final outcome. This year’s task was to create something that illustrated the problem of climate change and what we can do about it.

Pupils were asked to create anything that used their talents creatively, such as a painting, sculpture, model, poem, discussion piece, song or anything else that they could think of.

The entries were judged on the following criteria:

  • How clearly the message of climate change was presented, i.e. its effects and possible solutions
  • The quality of presentation
  • The aspiration shown in the task (more complicated materials, more advanced art techniques, ambitious vocabulary)
The results

We had an overwhelming amount of entries, to a very high standard. The judging panel had a truly tricky time in awarding the prizes.

There were 5 runners up, each receiving 20 house points for their houses.

Veer, Abigail, Roma and Rikin in Windsor

Freya in Balmoral


3rd place, receiving 50 house points

Dhariya in Balmoral

2nd place, receiving 75 house points

Millie in Balmoral

1st place, receiving 100 house points

Eesha and Anika in Balmoral