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Church Hill
C of E Junior School

House System

Every child in the school has been allocated a place in one of four houses:  Balmoral, Kensington, Sandringham and Windsor. Siblings will always be in the same house. 


House Points are earned in a variety of ways, from good behaviour to outstanding work, sporting excellence to creative flair.

Each house will compete in various competitions throughout the school year, ranging from a times tables competition to sporting contests and creative competitions.  Points earned in these competitions will go towards the termly total. At the end of every term, the house that has accumulated the most points will be awarded the House Cup.

Weekly winners will be announced in Celebration Assembly every Friday and there will also be a Hall of Fame for children who have earned extremely high numbers of house points throughout the school year.

The house system has been devised to increase the sense of community and collaboration in school – to give children a further sense of identity and to encourage healthy competition.

Not only will it be an incentive for children to follow the Church Hill Way, it will also give non-sporting / performing children an opportunity to represent their houses.

The emblems were designed by the children following a competition across the school. Each house has a colour and a Latin motto reflecting our school values.

House points weekly and running totals are updated here every week.


03.07.20 Balmoral Kensington Sandringham Windsor
Home Learning         
In School        
Weekly Total        
Running Total  4952 5431 5646 5289